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The West Texas Lighthouse for Blind is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that offers on the job training, upward mobility and advocacy for blind and visually-impaired individuals in Tom Green County and surrounding areas. 

Our Mission is to assist people in building their independence through skills training, education  and employment opportunities that encourages them to be involved in the Community and give a voice to blind and visually-impaired West Texans. 


"Creating Jobs and Changing Lives" since 1963

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We create jobs, and not just any jobs. We provide stable jobs with competitive pay and benefits to those who need it most: blind people.

About 70% of Americans with severe vision loss are unemployed. Our employees share stories of being turned away by potential employers over and over again before finding meaningful work at the Lighthouse. We have never turned away a blind applicant—if they're at the door looking for work, then we have a job for them.

By using adaptive technologies, we have legally blind employees in every department, including manufacturing, logistics, eCommerce, marketing, and accounting. Over 90% of our direct employees are legally blind and nearly 75% of all of our employees are legally blind.

We change lives. Our employees divulge that the Lighthouse has given them what no one else could: independence, self-reliance, the ability to provide for their families, and a better quality of life. Their amazing stories affirm the importance of our mission and inspire us to find new ways to create jobs for blind people.

We are constantly developing new products and expanding our product lines in order to grow our business, increase employment for blind Americans, and serve our customers in the Federal Government, State of Texas, and local communities. We now offer a huge range of products: lanyards, badge holders, over 50,000 office products, safety gloves and glasses, earth-friendly items, and much more.

Our main facility is located in San Angelo, TX, and we have a second facility in Abilene, TX.
Call us to schedule a tour. Our visitors have been amazed by our operations and the capabilities of our blind employees.


Additional Shopping Options 

We now offer the following stores for our customers to shop online:
LanyardsXpress.com - the complete source for lanyards and lanyard accessories.
LighthouseOfficeSupply.com - the complete source for office supplies, furniture, ink/toner, and breakroom/cleaning supplies. 

Every purchase from West Texas Lighthouse supports blind Americans.

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