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San Angelo/Texas Links

Texas 2-1-1 is connected to many state services including government agencies, food pantries, career services, after-school programs and many other state and local resources.

Mosaic of San Angelo, Texas provides services to more than 180 individuals with disablities.

San Angelo, Texas Chamber of Commerce

In depth programs offering training, counseling, and education services.

Texas Commission for the Blind
The DARS Division for Blind Services (DBS) assists blind or visually impaired individuals and their families. Depending upon their goals and needs, DBS offers services to help regain independence or find a job.

Other Links

An informative website for parents of children with visual impairments
Educational Resources
Access to resources available to individuals working with visually impaired children.

Check Us Out!

International humanitarian organization based in Oak Brook, Illinois

Baltimore, Maryland
Article: Improve Internet Accessibility for Individuals with Impaired Vision
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